#COVID19 Decision knowledge base experiment

Thank you for offering to help with the #COVID19 decision knowledge base experiment. The purpose of this experiment is to test the hypothesis that actionable knowledge about #COVID19 can be crowdsourced. And today, you are part of that crowd!

Here’s what to do:

A) Read the list below and pick one of the following that you’re most interested in:

  1. #covid19 actions: These are things that people or organizations do to increase #covid19 safety. For instance: “Invest in signs that say to wear a mask”. Note that this must be something that is within the scope of control of a hypothetical person. It cannot be, “Get people to wear masks”, because we can’t control this directly.
  2. #covid19 outcomes: These are things that people or organizations wish to accomplish in the age of #covid. Reduce hospitalizations, keep themselves safe, keep their family safe, etc.
  3. #covid19 externals: These are information and knowledge resources that we can use to make good #covid19 decisions. For instance, the incidence of #covid19 in our area, the number of people who typically wear masks in our neighborhood etc.
  4. #covid19 dependency links: These are bits of knowledge that connect up actions and/or externals to outcomes. For instance, the fact that mask wearing reduces the number of aerosolized particles by 80%, the fact that for every sign you place in a hallway saying to wear a mask, you’ll increase mask usage by 1%, etc.

B) Find an information resource that fits into your category.

This will most likely be a web page, but can also be an expert human you know, a data set, or anything that might give us insight into your category.

For instance, you may have read an interesting article recently about how far-UVC lighting is a good idea. This would be an action. Or you may have read that people who test antibody positive are less likely to infect others. That would be a dependency.

C) Create a Pinterest account, if you don’t have one already.

D) Create a Pinterest card as follows:

  1. Includes a picture
  2. Includes some brief text from you saying which action/outcome/dependency/external it gives us helpful information about
  3. Links to the article
  4. Is on the right board. Use these collaboration links, please:
    1. Actions: https://pin.it/1GLufY0 
    2. Dependencies: https://pin.it/F0hMPBg
    3. Externals: https://pin.it/5YC7231
    4. Outcomes: https://pin.it/7ytWV6r

E) Ping me however you like (fb messenger, twitter, email to lypratt@pandaa-sim.com) and tell me:

  1. Were you able to follow these instructions?
  2. (optional) Any advice for improvement?
  3. (optional) Would you like to continue to help in this way?
  4. (optional) Would you like to help with technology solutions to #covid19 safety in any other way beyond this one?
  5. (optional) Can you suggest anybody else who would like to help (school groups, book clubs, church groups, etc.)?
  6. (optional) Can I answer any other questions for you?

Thank you very much for helping out! This experiment is part of an initiative that can save thousands of lives from #covid19. You made a big difference today.