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I have explained that we can do much better than one-size-fits-all thinking as we work to make buildings more safe
In my previous post, I explained how we can move from "one size fits all" thinking to solutions that help
The increasing frequency and severity of pandemic and climate events represent new challenges to keeping buildings, particularly older buildings, safe
I was watching last weekend’s anti-mask, anti-vaccination protests in Edinburgh with utter horror and asking myself, how can rational human
Humans excel at causal reasoning, however our "neurological machinery" has limitations, especially when trying to make decisions in situations of
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Across the world, we've empowered a select few policy makers and organizational leaders to make COVID19 safety decisions for us.
...we don't have a shortage of #epidemiologists. Nor #vaccine researchers. Instead, there is a huge gap in the chain from
In Part 2 of this article, I explained that, without careful thought, intervention in a complex situation will, more often
Decision failure patterns in complex environments The two decision failures I covered in Part 1 have different causes, but follow